Top 10 most competitive economies in sub-Saharan Africa


The sub-Saharan African region has provided something of a silver lining in an otherwise broadly felt global economic downturn in recent years, according to the latest edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, which assesses 144 economies. Sub-Saharan economies continued to register impressive growth rates of close to 5% in 2013 – with rising projections for the next two years – below only emerging and developing Asia.

The report ranks markets on 12 key measures that influence competitiveness, including infrastructure, education and innovation. The following are the top 10 performers in the region.

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The new and next in Global African culture

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How Africa is Challenging Marketing - Niti Bhan - Harvard Business Review

For the first time, Western stereotypes associating Africa with death, disease, poverty, and war are being replaced by the reality of demanding, brand-conscious consumers who happen to live in a challenging environment.

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Africans, we are not exempt from the issues African-Americans face. We must understand that these issues are also our own. Discrimination exists and it is up to us to stay united against it.

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