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Bikelordz | Teaser
Bikelordz is an upcoming feature film about Accra, Ghana’s small but passionate flatland BMX scene, the riders in it, and the environment in which they perform, create, hustle and work towards making their BMX aspirations a reality.

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How a Ghanaian entrepreneur turned his “impossible” dream into a reality.

A few years ago, Fred Deegbe was working as a banker - a profession that left him somewhat unsatisfied with the lack of impact he was having in the world. After buying a pair of Oxford wingtips at a store to impress a friend, Deegbe began to wonder if such high quality luxury shoes could indeed be manufactured in Ghana.

Despite the negative feedback he received from those who believed that such shoes couldn’t be made in Ghana, Deegbe wasn’t dissuaded from his idea of starting a shoe company in Accra. With no knowledge of the shoemaking industry, and armed only with passion and his gut feeling, Deegbe teamed up with friend Vijay Manu (pictured right) to start their luxury shoe and accessories company ‘Heel the World’, based in Accra.

Although the shoes are all handmade in Ghana, the goods used to make them are imported from places like the United States and Italy putting the price range of the shoes between $200-$400. This is Deegbe’s greatest challenge: proving that the shoes are worth the money they command.

To hear Deegbe tell his start-up story in his own words, watch this clip from CNN.

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African Mobile Subscription user numbers. Data from 2013.

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African Mobile Subscription user numbers. Data from 2013.

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Top: Photo © Selorm Jay. Mural by Nima Muhinmanchi Art (NMA), an art collective based in Accra.

Middle:Photo © Selorm Jay. Celebrating a New Dawn’ mural at Nubuke Foundation.

Bottom: Photo © Selorm Jay. Mural by Nima Muhinmanchi Art (NMA), an art collective based in Accra.

The Treasures of Accra’s Growing Art Scene

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Queen Latifah set to play Ghana's King Peggy in new biopic film

Queen Latifah has reportedly signed on to play Ghanaian King Peggielene Bartels. King Peggy is the King of Otuam. The movie will highlight her life from when she was a secretary at the Ghana embassy in DC to finding out she was the heir to a throne in Ghana. Peggy became the first female King of Otuam. Will Smith bought the rights to King Peggy’s biography and could serve as a producer on the film. 

Congrats to Ghanian born Ezekiel Ansah (Detroit Lions) and Edmund Kugbila (Carolina Panthers) as well as Zimbabwe born Stansly Maponga (Atlanta Falcons) for being selected in the 2013 NFL Draft! 

My Africa Is interviews Kwabena Boateng of Ghana Decides, an organization educating Ghanaians on the candidates and the stakes of the upcoming 2012 presidential elections.

Find out more about the elections by checking out

My Africa Is Skype Sessions: Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah talks sex and Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women. As Africans (yes i’m speaking with a sweeping generalization) we know we don’t really discuss sex education growing up, and we simply figure it out as we go along. Nana breaks down the importance of discussing sex and female sexuality as the foundation for gender rights in Africa. 

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*In the video we stated that Adventures received 20,000 hits a week, that number is actually monthly. 

**The number of women who have trouble reaching orgasm varies by publication, but in 2009 ABC News stated 75% of women have trouble reaching orgasm, based on a sex study from Indiana University in the United States.