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Ralph Ziman’s mural in Venice Beach entitled “Yarned and Dangerous” 

Part of an extensive series of works, this mural deals with the international arms trade and Africa: a trade that for the most part only goes in one direction.  Into Africa.

I had six Zimbabwean artists use traditional African beads and wire to  manufacture several hundred replica bead/guns like AK-47s, as well as several replica bead/general purpose machine guns (GPMGs), along with the ammunition. 
In response to the guns sent into that culture, the mural represents an aesthetic, anti-lethal cultural response, a visual export out of Africa.   And the bead/guns themselves, manufactured in Africa, are currently being shipped to the USA and Europe.” X
My Africa Is Yarned and Dangerous

19 recording artists. 11 countries. 10 languages. ONE message to African Leaders: Do Agric, It Pays!

The participating artists are: A.Y. (Tanzania), Bufallo Souljah (Zimbabwe), Dama Do Bling (Mozambique), D’Banj (Nigeria), Diamond (Tanzania), Dontom (Nigeria), Fally Ipupa (DRC), Femi Kuti (Nigeria), Judith Sephuma (South Africa), Juliani (Kenya), Kunle Ayo (Nigeria), Vusi Nova (South Africa), Liz Ogumbo (Kenya), Nancy G (Swaziland), Omawumi (Nigeria), Rachid Taha (Algeria), Tiken Jah Fakoly (Cote d’Ivoire), Victoria Kimani (Kenya) and Wax Dey (Cameroon).

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African Mobile Subscription user numbers. Data from 2013.

My Africa Is subscribed


African Mobile Subscription user numbers. Data from 2013.

My Africa Is subscribed



Staff riding, the local slang for train surfing, is a widespread phenomenon in SA. Katlehong is one of the largest townships in South Africa and has played a key role in the history of the struggle against apartheid. The population is almost entirely made up of blacks, but strongly multiethnic: all the eleven South Africa’s official languages are spoken in the township.

The almost total majority of surfers are kids under 25. Amputations and death are really common. The Prasa Metrorail, the SA train company,
is one of the foundations of their society.This connection between train and citizens remained very strong over time. The spectacular and risky act of train surfing becomes the framework to tell the Katlehong’s young people social fabric.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

My Africa Is train surfing

Model and activist, Thando Hopa, hopes to change perceptions of albinism

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As South Africa marks its annual commemoration of the tragic Sharpeville Massacre that occurred on March 21st, 1960, as Human Rights Day, we remember a more recent event that shocked the nation and has caused a series of uproar and protests as a result.

The Marikana miners’ strike took place at a mine owned by Lonmin in the Marikana area, close to Rustenburg, in August 2012.

What resulted was a series of violent incidents between the South African Police Service, Lonmin security, the leadership of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and strikers themselves, which resulted in the deaths of 44 people, the majority of whom were striking mineworkers killed on 16 August. At least 78 additional workers were also injured on 16 August. The total number of injuries during the strike remains unknown. In addition to the Lonmin strikers, there has been a wave of wildcat strikes across the South African mining sector. [x]

Above is a clip from the recently released ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ that partially demonstrates what took place in Sharpeville on this day in 1960.

In this video, Archbishop Desmond Tutu discusses his reaction to the heinous event that took place 54 years ago at one point saying, “I remember it as a moment where you realized that black life was cheap”.

Further reading & viewing: Robert Sobukwe - founder & leader of the Pan-African Congress in South Africa that led the march against Pass Laws in Sharpeville.

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Bubble-wrapped white holidays in SA

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from director Kemiyondo Coutinho

Dear friends and family,
As some of you may knowm my one-woman show about HIV positive women in Uganda, Kawuna…you’re it! , has been invited to be a part of National Arts Festival in South Africa. Whilst I can’t announce publicly that I am part of the main program till the festival makes their public announcement, I wanted to share with you this great news! 
I first attended this festival as a student 8 years ago and now I get to be a part of the main program in the second largest festival in the world! This will be the first Ugandan show to ever be a part of the main program at this festival. I am beyond delighted and humbled by the support I have received thus far towards taking this special project there. 
Whilst the festival covers accommodation, meals, space and advertising they do not cover international travel costs and production costs (sound, lighting, costume, director salary and props) . I am fundraising to cover these expenses so that I am indeed able to take this show across the ocean to South Africa! I have a fundraising page that I invite you to please look at and if you are in the position to, make a donation of any kind. I am currently at 40% of my goal with 3 weeks left till my deadline! I am confident with your help, I can meet this goal and share these voices and stories internationally. I will be filming this show and every contributor will receive a copy of the recording! 
If you are not in a position to donate, I certainly understand and hope that you can share my indiegogo page with 5 people who you think would be interested in supporting a project like this one. The goal is to get as many people involved as possible!
I look forward to sharing this work and I thank you for your previous support on projects before this. I couldn’t have got here without you.
Much Love,

Global clothing retailers eye Africa's fashionistas

Fast Fashion

With an increase in consumer culture in Africa has presented a great investment opportunity for international companies. Stores like Gap, Bebe, Zara, and Thomas Pink have started to bring their stores to South Africa to tap into new markets. With South Africa becoming more fashion forward, the country can look forward to new brands and stores setting up shop in the country. 

South African media and glam extraordinaire, Bonang Matheba shows off her South African beauty. A diva in her own right, Bonang is influential and captivating, hosting multiples shows in SA with savvy style. 

South African media and glam extraordinaire, Bonang Matheba shows off her South African beauty. A diva in her own right, Bonang is influential and captivating, hosting multiples shows in SA with savvy style.